Evolved Education for the 21st Century

How we equip the next generation of learners to think creatively, independently, rigorously and collaboratively in full awareness of themselves and their social context?
This was the fundamental question behind Waterloo Global Science Initiative's Learning 2030 Summit. From September 29 to October 3, 2013, Summit participants explored best practices and promising initiatives in high school education aimed at empowering students in their creativity and potential. Participants included leaders in education, teaching professionals, researchers, and policymakers together with young people who have innovated in their learning journey. This unprecedented gathering represented six continents, diverse socioeconomic backgrounds, and disenfranchised and disadvantaged communities to give a truly global and intergenerational perspective on learning. Together, the group created a vision of a scalable, affordable, sustainable learning system for the high school graduates of 2030 and beyond. Read that vision here and learn more at wgsi.org/learning2030